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Membership Benefits
Joining IX Brighton can provide your organisation with both financial and technical benefits. A few examples of the benefits include:

Reduction in Transit bandwidth usage
IX Brighton facilitates its members exchanging traffic with other IX Brighton members, reducing the amount of traffic you need to send through your upstream provider, and thus reducing the costs of your transit.

Improved speed of access
IX Brighton provides connections of up to 10 Gbps to its members, with a fast switch fabric and inter-site links to ensure your speed of connection to your peers at IX Brighton will remain fast giving your customers and users a better experience in terms of connectivity.

Reduced latency
Members are able to keep traffic local by exchanging it closer to to the source or destination of the traffic, rather than sending via upstream providers which may prefer routes learned further away. This means that the time it takes for a data packet to reach its destination is reduced. This is particularly important for latency sensitive applications such as online gaming, but affects even web browsing and the time it takes for images to load on a web page. By peering with other networks at IX Brighton you may be shortening the route of a packet by several hundred miles, and up to a dozen routers which all add delays.

Improved availability
By being a member of IX Brighton you provide yourself with additional routes to sites hosted on networks connected or transiting via IX Brighton, in particular UK based sites, thereby increasing the resilience of your connectivity into the UK infrastructure. The IX Brighton equipment is monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and so provides a reliable peering point.

Earn Additional Revenue
ISPs wishing to add to their product portfolio can connect to IX Brighton and resell unutilised capacity to the exchange to networks anywhere in the world. You may bring additional members to the exchange from other points of presence on your network and earn additional revenue with your membership. You can also sell network services to other IX Brighton members via private VLANs delivered to your exchange port.

Technical knowledge
For those ISPs who are unfamiliar with BGP and multi-homed routing IX Brighton provides an excellent ground for learning. Our mailing lists and events are an excellent source of information, knowledge and wisdom from numerous ISPs around the country who are more than willing to share their experiences. You will find members will be happy to provide sample configurations and even help you debug any technical issues.

IX Brighton is an organisation whose membership is aimed primarily at Content Providers and Internet Service Providers who run their own data networks. This means that it is an excellent chance for members to get to know each other, and use the opportunity to make new contacts, including finding potential suppliers.

Independence & Stability
Because of our structure as a member-owned company, we are an independent organisation not owned by an investor or any single member. All our switching infrastructure in each site is housed in cabinets dedicated exclusively for IX Brighton use and sourced directly from each datacentre operator. This ensures that only authorised IX Brighton staff and contractors have access to our infrastructure. We have been operating since 1997 without debts and with a growing but stable membership.

Getting involved
Many IX Brighton members believe that being involved in an organisation such as IX Brighton is reason enough. We are a not-for-profit company with the aim of promoting the benefit of our members. This means we can often provide a medium for raising issues, with common suppliers, potential suppliers, etc. As a member of IX Brighton you have a say in how it’s run.

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